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Car Accidents

Why is it important to get checked by a chiropractor… even after the most minor fender bender?


In the 20 years of practice that I have been blessed to serve my fellow man-kind, one story that keeps coming up … 20 years ago, after a lifetime of hard work, a person now in their 40’s…

“When I was 17 years old I went through the windshield of the car….”

My next question is always, “did you get checked out by a chiropractor?”

“No, because I was fine…”


This where we run into the great disconnect that our society has in the 21st Century:  We still are equating ZERO symptoms with being healthy!  This is a tragedy that effects millions of people.  Even the most minor of car accidents can cause major problems.  We have had multiple patients over the years that have had NO DAMAGE done to their car, but have still transmitted a lot of forces to the passengers inside the vehicle.

A few years ago we had a family of five involved in an auto accident.  One member had a significant whiplash & concussion due to the accident.  Often how a person is positioned in the car – looking forward, looking down, looking sideways, curled up, etc. plays a major role in the outcome of the injury.

This is what chiropractors are trained to look for. We are trained to look for imbalances that emergency room providers do not look for.  They are looking for major injuries:  broken bones, internal injuries, and major trauma.  Chiropractors are trained to detect minor imbalances that will show up as symptoms 20 years later.

The thing I hate (because I feel so bad) is that patients of mine have been suffering with headaches, various pains, vertigo, concussion symptoms, etc… which all stemmed from a little fender bender 20 years ago… and the patient was too embarrassed  or thought it would take too much time to get checked by their chiropractor.

It is so much easier, for both the patient and the doctor, to get a whiplash or concussion treated when it first happens.

Ewer Specific Chiropractic is here to help you and your family… whether an old or new injury!!  If you have been, or when you may in the future become involved in an auto accident – invest in your health… don’t wait – get to your local chiropractor.  Within two weeks of your accident is best case scenario or as soon as you are able.


In Health,  Dr. Jon Ewer