Patient Testimonials

Hearing from current and past patients is one of the best ways for people to gain confidence in the various services we offer here at Ewer Specific Chiropractic & Neurology. When looking for new practitioners most of us look to the feedback and reviews of others! Please take a moment and read how both Dr. Jonathan Ewer & Dr. Mario Siard have helped patients reach their wellness goals!
  • “Our family is a big believer in chiropractic care.  I have been going since I was in high school, and regularly as an adult including throughout my pregnancy.  My son has been adjusted since he was born, and my husband has been going since we’ve been married as he saw how good it is to be properly adjusted.  So when we recently moved to the area, it was incredibly important for us to find the right chiropractic doctor.  After a lot of searching and many recommendation, we four Ewer Specific Chiropractic, and couldn’t be happier.  When we moved, my husband was in the middle of treatment for a shoulder injury from a car accident a few months prior, and they were able to get him in and on a treatment schedule that really helped.  My son love going and getting “his back tickled” (as he calls it), and has been able to weather all winter’s germs with ease.  The staff is caring and attentive, incredibly knowledgeable, and I couldn’t imagine finding a better fit for our family.”
    Katie O.
  • “Dr. Jon, Dawn and Kathy, and Dr. Mario are the best!  They are always compassionate and care for their patients.”
    Susie P.